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$55 Billion in Deals For The US!

Saudi Arabia has just announced they have made over $55 billion in deals with US companies. This long string of deals also includes a $12 billion investment in US oil refinery. Trump is looking for more than just investments. He is looking to gain Saudi Arabia as an ally for the future. Source: CNN

Pippa Middleton Steals The Show With Her Lavish Wedding!

Pippa who almost stole the show at Kate’s royal wedding has now gotten married herself. Pippa has married¬†James Matthews a financier who makes millions. Pippa’s dress was designed by British designer Giles Deacon who was quote “honored” to make this creation for her. The wedding hosted over 350 guests and was truly a night to …

Voice Recognition Hacked By Customers Twin

HSBC uses voice recognition as a password system for their customers. This system seemed to work until one person hacked into his twin brothers account by mimicking his voice. The brother practices mimicking his twins voice and tried 8 times before being granted access to his account. He wasn’t able to withdraw money, but did …

Remote Control Planes?!

If you plan on flying into London any time soon your plane may not be landed by your pilot. New technology at London City airport allows for air traffic control to land planes from 70 miles away. New technology makes it so controllers can spot the plane using 360 degree camera’s and sensory technology. This …

RUNNNN!!!! FREE Coffeeee!!!!!

Dunkin will be handing out FREE iced coffee samples on Friday at participating locations. Dunkin is showcasing their new iced coffee drink that they say “is for people who love coffee,” -Chris Fuqua This new coffee is supposed to be an improved version of Dunkins previous iced coffee. So go get yours!!! Source: Sunsential

Trump Is Narrowing Down The Search For FBI Director

Trump has stated he is very close to picking the new FBI director. Mentioning having a candidate possibly as early as friday. The president has also mentioned that senator Joe Lieberman is his “top” pick so far as director. Trump had promised the process to pick the new FBI director should go quickly. Source: NBCNEWS

Tom Brady’s New Deal Has Him Driving Like James Bond

Tom Brady just signed a deal with Aston Martin to drive and promote their new¬†Aston Martin DB11. They are only producing 12 of the “Brady Version” cars. Each car is worth $211,995. Aston Martin is well known due to their high class cars and their appearance in the James Bond films. So who wants to …

Jay Z And Beyonce Are Worth How Much?!

Jay Z and Beyonce are obviously some pretty big stars and according to Forbes they are worth billions. 1.16 Billion to be exact. Forbes added their combined earnings together. Beyonce makes roughly $350 million and Jay Z a whole $850 million. Jay Z also just made a 10 year deal with live nation worth an …