10 Things to Pack for Your Spring Vacation

Okay, so despite the crazy winter we are having, Spring is here! If you are planning a trip or just dreaming of one, check out these great tips on things to pack for an amazing Springtime vacation. Not only are these things practical, they will also save you money!

  1. Sunscreen. Yes, you need to be using this year round, as it gets warmer and good old Mr. Sun stays out longer with daylight savings time, it’s even more important to pack a good quality sunscreen.

  2. Salty and Sweet. You never know where you may end up or for how long on your travels, so always pack snacks for you and your travelers. And make sure to always  carry bottled water also.

  3. Storage bags. You can’t go wrong with packing large storage bags for all things dirty and grimy. By that I mean shoes and laundry to bring home so you don’t mess up the clean items in your suitcase. Storage bags are also great for packing your kids clothes in too!

  4. Crossbody bag. For easy sightseeing or shopping, make sure you bring along an easy bag to tote along everything in or a durable backpack. You are going to want to have your hands free to shop, eat, drink, and if you are bringing the kids, well, you know…

  5. Corkscrew. Speaking of kids, once they are in bed, now is the time to indulge in that bottle of wine you found at that local winery or grocer.

  6. Comfy shoes. Always remember to bring your most comfortable shoes. If you end up getting new shoes before your trip, make sure you break them in before you go. It is very possible that you will walk several miles in them.

  7. Sunglasses.  Never leave home without them. Enough said.

  8. Costume jewelry. Always leave the good stuff at home unless you are going to wear it on your entire vacation.  I would recommend just not taking the chance of losing your valuables or worse yet, having them get stolen.

  9. Color themed clothes. Try your best when you are packing outfits to stick to a color theme.  This keeps it easy to mix and match.  It can work for the whole family and by this I mean, do not matchy-match the whole family. That would be silly, well, unless you are at Disney.

  10. No Laundry. No Problem. Pack up some “to-go” type laundry pens and wipes because these will be a life-saver should you not have any access to wash clothes while you are away.  Also, Downy Wrinkle Release is a great spray that gets out wrinkles! Pack a roll of quarters and those sample packets of laundry detergent that you get in the mail, in case you do find or need to do a load of laundry while you are on vacation!