TEN Perks You Probably Don’t Know About Your Costco Membership! Number 6 Is My Fave!

If you have a Costco membership, you are probably aware of some of the hot deals and not so hot deals they offer. I love shopping at Costco for certain items. Like bottled water! The 40 count packs for only $2.99 are such a great value. But, there are more perks to that membership that you might not be aware of. Check out 10 great perks that you might not know about.

1.Tech Support:

If you love checking out the electronics as you first walk in the door, keep looking! All tech purchases get access to on-call concierge line for free tech support via phone. No more frustration next time Netflix acts up!

2. Gift Card Savings:

Buy your gift cards at Costco! Save on gift cards for restaurants, movie theaters, entertainment and more. Normally you can score a $100.00 gift card for only $79.99. NICE savings!

3. Low Prices On Vehicles:

Don’t drive yourself crazy haggling with a car salesman! More than 3,000 dealerships are part of Costco’s Auto Program. You get a huge selection of new or pre-owned cars to choose from. The Costco team has already negotiated for the best deal.

4. Travel Deals:

Don’t limit yourself to the reduced prices by buying in bulk! Costco members also get discounts on all inclusive resorts, theme parks, airplane flights, car rentals and cruises! See Costco Travel here.

5. Prescriptions for Less:

Pay as low as $5.00 for prescriptions at Costco! Sometimes insurance doesn’t cover all medications. Read about Costco’s Prescription Program to score medications at a fraction of the price.

6. Bulk Movie Tickets:

Taking the family to the movies is so much fun! But, it can be SO expensive. Costco members can buy discounted cinema tickets in packs of 4-10 that never expire! SWEET!

7. FREE Ear Exams and Cheap Eye Screening:

Don’t bother paying your co-pay for eye and ear exams if you have a Costco membership! You are entitled to free exams with your membership. Low price on optical. Follow ups and cleanings are free too.

8. Print Personal Checks For A Super Low Price:

Banks can charge a pretty hefty price for checks! Costco offers the same check service for half the price of your bank. You can pick up business checks, ink stamps and tax forms while your there.

9. Stay Hydrated For Less:

Don’t mess with loading and unloading water! Let Costco deliver it to you. Choose from spring, purified and artesian water. It will be delivered directly to your door or office for only $6.00 for a large bottle. Or, rent a dispenser for as low as $1.00 per month.

10. No Paper Coupons! Just Use Your Phone:

Costco does not accept manufacturer coupons. But, they do have coupons in-store that automatically deduct during checkout. Use your phone with rebate apps like Checkout51, Ibotta and Mobisave to earn cash back. Just hang on to those receipts and scan them!

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