TEN Need To Know Things Before Eating At Sonic! Number 5 Is CRAZY!

Are you ready? Here are 10 things you should know before eating at Sonic! Well maybe not, but, this is an interesting list! Read the list below and amaze your friends with your Sonic knowledge. 😉 Number 5 caught my attention. WOW!

1. Sonic Started In 1953 in Shawnee Ok Under A Different Name.

Yup! Sonic started out with the name Top Hat as a humble root beer stand. In 1959, it was discovered that the name Top Hat was already trademarked and founder Troy Smith changed the name to Sonic.

2. Sonic Is Not Named After The Hedgehog.

Since the name “Top Hat” was already taken, founder Troy Smith’s inspiration for the name Sonic was “Service with the Speed of Sound.” The first drive-in with this name was opened in Stillwater, Ok in 1959.

3. A Carhop Competition Is Hosted Yearly.

It’s true. Sonic’s roller skater servers are called carhops! Thanks to a partnership with Dr. Pepper, Sonic has a yearly carhop competition to find the most talented skaters. The winner scores $1,500.00 and an all expense paid trip to the annual Sonic National Convention.

4. The Best Selling Sonic Drink Of All Time Is Cherry Limeade.

I’m not surprised. Cherry Limeade is delicious! In just one year, Sonic sells enough Cherry Limeade to fill 50 Olympic size swimming pools.

5. Sonic Has 688,133 Drink Combinations.

Sonic TV commercials brag that there are 168,894 different ways to make a flavored drink at Sonic. But, the Wall Street Journal did some checking and discovered that there are many more options. Like adding nerds and Jolly Ranchers to your slushies.

6. Employees Created Some Of The Best Menu Items

Sonic encourages employees to concoct drink ideas and names. The best ones are oftern added to the menu. The Blue Hawaiian and Strawberry Shortcake are just a couple of examples. Unfortunately, Sonic does not want unsolicited customer suggestions.  They rely exclusively on their employees and contracted angencies for these efforts.

7. There Is A Sonic Location That Sells Booze.

I would have never thought! One Sonic location sells booze. It’s in South Florida located on Sonic Beach. How appropriate! This Sonic features a patio area with big flat screen TV’s and a sandy beach area. So, if you are ever in the Fort Lauderdale area, stop in for a beer, glass of wine or even a glass of Dom Perignon.

8. Adult Playgrounds? Yup! Sonic Has A Few of Those Too.

A few Sonic locations want you to get out of your car and have some fun! And, it isn’t just for kids. There are a few locations with adult playgrounds. They feature batting cages, volleyball courts and more. Well, that’s pretty awesome if you ask me!

9. Just Ten People Work In The Test Kitchen At Sonic Headquarters.

Only a select few work in the test kitchen at Sonic Headquarters. They work at inventing new dishes and drinks and perfecting the standbys. There is an awesome perk for everyone else who works at headquarters. The test kitchen runs the cafeteria. So, employees get to eat whenever they want and be the first to try new concepts.

10. Kevin Durant LOVES Sonic.

Okay, maybe you didn’t need to know this. But, this NBA star is obsessed with Sonic! He is famous for sipping candy slushes and grabbing some boneless wings after a big win. He hs even been distracted by Green Apple Slushes with Jolly Ranchers while on the free-throw line.

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