Printing Coupons Will NEVER be the Same! Huge Changes are HERE!


It all started a few months ago with an email we received from Brandcaster, AKA, advising us that huge changes were coming “soon”.


It looks like the Dooms Day for folks who love to print coupons at home is here. Once upon a time, with my two computers, an Iphone, and Ipad, I was sitting pretty and could print up to 8 prints of the latest hottest coupon.

Now, we are all on the same playing field, cut down to only 2 prints per phone number. Period. If you haven’t noticed already, the first time you go to print coupons, you’ll be asked for your cell phone number. They will then text you a one-time verification code. After your two prints, you’ll get an error code.

Keep in mind this new change was announced soon filed a lawsuit against a prominent Instagram account: “Coupon Fairy”.  The “Coupon Fairy” was selling mass amounts of printable coupons by distributing them via email with saved PDF files. This violated the terms of the printing software. (Read more about the lawsuit here!) The absence of printing software means “Coupon Fairies” who obtain their prints by tricking the printing software into believing their computer is actually multiple computers will not longer be able to do so. advises they have made these changes to make “coupons more accessible for everyone.”.

So what do you think? Does this make coupons more accessible? Is this somewhat rigid change to stop the illegal selling of printed coupons? Sound off in the comments below!


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