An End To Amazon PRIME Soon ?!?!? FREE SHIPPING FOR ALL?

Just recently Walmart Dropped it’s membership services. If you were not familiar with their membership service it was similar to prime. You paid Walmart $49 and got free 2 day shipping for a year. Just recently they dropped the paid service and are now giving EVERYONE Free 2 day shipping when you buy a min. of $35 worth of items! Ya for us. This change put some pressure on their online competition Amazon. In response to the change Amazon ( as recently as yesterday ) lowered there Free Shipping minimum purchase from $49 to $35 for eligible items and $25 for books ! Meaning you ONLY have to buy $35 worth of eligible items ( or $25 in books ) to get FREE 2 day shipping WITH OUT having a Prime membership! [CLICK HERE] To Read all these detail! 

Here’s the thing though – Walmart has other ways to get FREE shipping that Amazon doesn’t . For instance – Free Ship to Store. Walmart ( and other online retailers ) are really starting to compete with Amazon. To be honest almost everything you can get on Amazon you can get at too…. With the competition really heating up I think it will only be a matter of time before Amazon pulls out the rug from other online retailers and offers FREE SHIPPING for all – dropping it’s Prime Program.

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